Puno & Peñarroyo is a Philippine-based law firm located in the heart of the Central Business District of Makati City. It offers a full scope of legal services and consultancies in the fields of government procurement, mining and energy, environmental laws, corporate and business laws, infrastructure, domestic and foreign investments, banking, finance, insurance, international commercial transactions, telecommunications, intellectual property, alternative dispute resolution, immigration, litigation, and family law.

The firm specializes in minimizing the exposure of its clients and aiding them in the determination of the acceptable level of risk. Having a significant experience in litigation and a strong background in corporate finance, the firm specializes in risk assessment in significant business decision of its clients. Experienced in dispute resolution, the firm’s transactional lawyers focus on increasing the client’s sphere of control and in identifying potential deal breakers at the outset of any venture. The firm also specializes on effective tax management to avoid, if not minimize the tax exposure on the client’s business and significant transactions.


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