Puno & Peñarroyo has a current team of nine lawyers and their non-legal staff members, who are all committed to ensuring that the firm delivers quality legal service and unparalleled attention to its clients.

As a complement to its legal and consultative services to its clients, the Firm’s lawyers involve themselves in continuing legal education and other varied forms of professional development activities as graduate studies, seminars and lectures, as well as research projects.

In Puno & Peñarroyo, our clients’ interests are always the top priority.



Rene E. PunoAtty. Rene E. Puno


Practice Areas: Legal Risk Management, Taxation, Estate Planning, Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Transactions, Investment Law, Government Contracting, Energy, Banking and Financial Institutions, Political and Administrative Law, Immigration Law

RENE E. PUNO was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1979. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1978 and Bachelor of Arts from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1974.

Atty. Puno initially worked in banking and financial institutions as in-house counsel. Moving forward, Atty. Puno along with several partners, established his own law firm upon entering into private practice. He then honed his skills, choosing to specialize in Tax practice and management and estate planning, handling several large estates for private clients. He also specialized in Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Investment Law. He was then appointed to government, holding the position of Assistant Executive Secretary, thus familiarizing himself with government contracts, political and administrative law and liquidation and privatization of government assets. After his stint in government, Atty. Puno became an accredited migration agent in Australia, assisting with the migration of qualified applicants to Australia, and by necessity, becoming skilled in Immigration Law within the Philippine jurisdiction. Other areas of Atty. Puno’s practice also include Energy Law, as the head of Clean Rock Renewable Energy Resources Corporation, a Philippine resource company involved in geothermal energy acquiring through a competitive bidding process several service contracts to develop geothermal resources in the country.


Fernando S. PenarroyoAtty. Fernando S. Peñarroyo


Practice Areas: Mining and Energy Law, Infrastructure, Environmental Law, Project Finance, Special Projects, Business Development, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Investment Law, Real Estate Development, Immigration Law, Labor Law, Estate Proceedings, Legal Risk Management

FERNANDO S. PEÑARROYO was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1995. He obtained his Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne in 2002, his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1994 and his Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of the Philippines in 1985. He also has a Diploma in Petroleum Exploration from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Oil and Gas Financial Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. He was a professorial lecturer at the MBA-JD Program of the De La Salle-FEU Institute of Law and the National Institute of Geological Sciences at the University of the Philippines.

Atty. Penarroyo possessed the required legal, financial, and technical educational background and experience in the resources and energy industries having worked for the Philippine Department of Energy, the private sector – both locally and internationally, and the academe. He is skilled in business issues associated with the energy and mineral industry such as project financing of resources and infrastructure projects, business development, resources joint venture transactions, land use conflict, negotiation of production sharing contracts and power purchase agreements, development-related siting and permitting of energy-generating and energy-distribution facilities like power plants and natural-gas pipelines, negotiation of energy-related services, energy infrastructure agreements for new development projects, feed-in tariffs, renewable portfolio standards, and incentive schemes like clean development mechanisms for renewable energy projects, build-operate-and transfer contracts, industrial relations, and international sale and payment of mineral commodities, including their credit and security aspects. Atty. Penarroyo is experienced in corporate compliance procedures and reportorial requirements for publicly listed resources companies. He acted as a member of Panel of Arbitrators in an energy joint operating agreement dispute. He is experienced in environment laws and policies such as protected areas, indigenous peoples rights, land rights, forestry, community organizing and capacity building, resettlement, development and implementation of land access agreements, clean development mechanisms, and environmental and social baseline studies. He regularly contributes articles on legal, regulatory and policy issues on resources and energy to the Philippine Resources – Mining, Petroleum and Energy Journal.

Atty. Frank B. Figura


Practice Areas: Government Procurement; Litigation, Appellate (Preparation of Briefs and Memoranda in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court), Corporate Law, Labor Law, Immigration Law, Agrarian/Land Reform, Real Estate Transactions, Estate Proceedings, Arbitration, Civil and Family Law, Laws affecting National Security and Transnational Crimes

FRANK B. FIGURA was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1979. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1978 and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of the Philippines in Iloilo in 1974.

Atty. Figura has a vast experience in handling litigation and arbitration having worked for both government and the private sector. He was Senior Consultant on Police Matters and Transnational Crimes at the Department of Interior and Local Government and Group Manager of Corporate Support Services Group at the Technology Resource Center. He has been involved as Bids and Awards Committee Chair for various government offices and was responsible for tendering more than US$ 50 million worth of goods and services.

Vincent I. Puno Atty. Vincent I. Puno


Practice Areas: Legal Risk Management, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Defense and Government Contracting, Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Transactions

VINCENT I. PUNO obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney in Australia and his Bachelor of Laws from the Philippine Law School. He used to work with the Office of the Solicitor General.

Atty. Puno has also worked closely with government agencies in preparing for bids and awards of government contracts.  Atty. Puno has also helped clients win government contracts, closely advising them on requirements in the bids and awards process, and, has been involved all throughout the bid process. In these instances Atty. Puno has helped in the analysis of risks in the legal, investment and financial issues that surround any award of government contracts.  Atty. Puno’s specialization also covers defense materiel, as he is familiar with a wide range of defense products and their applications. Atty. Puno also has experience in litigation, having appeared before all levels of courts in the Philippines. Atty. Puno has also helped with several significant business transactions involving local and foreign investors into the Philippines and has helped them manage their risk and exposure.

IMG_4431   Atty. Mark Darwin A. Camara


PRACTICE AREAS: Legal Risk Management, Innovative Tax Planning and Remedial Measures; Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Employment and Labor Relations, Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Transactions

MARK DARWIN A. CAMARA obtained his Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila Law School in 2008 where he graduated with honors and his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the Ateneo De Manila University in 2004. To specialize in placing a value for various options for risk management, Atty. Camara obtained another Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy in 2012, and was admitted to the roster of Certified Public Accountants after passing the rigorous Board Examinations for Accountancy.

Since his admission to the Bar and the roster of Certified Public Accountants, Atty. Camara gained extensive experience in various practice areas such as Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Labor and Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Commercial Transactions. As a litigator, he either personally handled or collaborated with other counsel on cases from the simple disputes, to working on the largest mass tort action in the country, involving multiple cases filed in the different courts by at least 40,000 plaintiffs and with claims amounting to at least US$ 2.7 Billion. In the field of Labor and Employment, he has handled various labor concerns arising from problems on employee performance and termination, to the complex issues on collective bargaining and strikes. As regards intellectual property law, he assisted local and international clients in trademark, patent and copyright prosecution, IP enforcement actions, licensing and regulatory compliance. He also assisted clients with internationally well-known marks in inter partes proceedings and ad hoc protests.


Atty. Sarah Jeane P. Cardona


Practice Areas: International Tax, Cross Border Tax Advisory, Tax Treaty Relief Application, Tax Assessment and Due Diligence, Tax Advocacy, Corporate Law and Special Projects, Banking Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate, Land Titles and Deeds, Labor and Immigration.

Sarah Jeane P. Cardona obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree from San Beda College in 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Management from the same institution in 2008 where she graduated with Academic Distinction and awarded as the Most Outstanding Legal Management Student. She was also awarded as one of the Top Ten Most Outstanding Legal Management Students of the Association of Legal Management of the Philippines in the same year. Atty. Cardona authored Corporate Social Responsibility: On to Becoming Good Corporate Citizens [49 SBC L.J. 64 (2012)] and Not Guilty: People vs. Webb et. al. (A Case Critique) [48 SBC L.J. 77 (2011)] which were both published in San Beda Law Journal. She was also an active member of the San Beda Legal Aid and Bar Operations where she spearheaded the Commercial Law Committee.

Prior to joining the firm, Atty. Cardona was a Senior Tax Associate in International Tax Services in Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. (Ernst and Young Philippines) where she specialized in cross border tax advisory, tax treaty relief application, tax assessment and due diligence, and tax advocacy. She is currently teaching Taxation Law at San Beda College.

Charmagne-J-MalunesAtty. Charmagne Joie O. Malunes


Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Litigation, Real Estate Transactions, Land Title and Deeds, Immigration Law

Charmagne Joie O. Malunes was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2011. She obtained her Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila Law School in 2010 and Bachelor of Science Major in Business Management from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2005. Atty. Malunes acts as the firm’s liaison and correspondent lawyer in Iloilo City where she handles Litigation and Administration Law matters. She speaks Spanish and French. She is also a licensed real estate broker.


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